A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

12/6 UPDATE: Re-built Windows version w/ latest Leap 2.2 assets to fix Windows 7/8 issues.

Team Stargazer:
Kyle Benjamin (Art/Design)
Amir Ebrahimi (Programming/Design)
Justin Kruger (Design)
Thibaud Lopez-Schneider (Programming/Design)

We set out to create an experience that would play to VR's current strength, which is immersion, and not push into what makes most people sick -- movement.

To enjoy this experience, you will need Oculus VR + Leap Motion hardware. We also strongly recommend having a good set of headphones to wear.

The one twist to the experience is that at one point we ask you to lie down, so try out this experience when you are near a couch, bench, or bed.

Install instructions

For OSX: Download Stargazer.app.zip and unzip. Run Stargazer.app.

For Windows: Download Stargazer.win.zip and unzip. Run Stargazer_DirectToRift.exe.


Stargazer.app.zip 30 MB
Stargazer.win.zip 26 MB